About us

Welcome! We’re the duo behind the scenes of the best bubble slide reviews. Back in 2020, Bubble Slides became the “trendy ugly shoes”, and guess what? We got on that train and haven’t looked back since.

We’re really into these unique slides that are even called “Golf Ball Shoes”. With those raised bubbles under your feet, it’s hard not to adore them. They even provide a great massage-like experience for your feet.

Through our trials, we’ve come to realize that, despite the cute appeal, low-quality bubble slides can pose a risk of injury. No one wants stylish footwear that might lead to a twisted ankle. Understanding which EVA Foam (material used in Bubble slides) is worth the cost or a ticket to blisters is important.

Our Mission? 

It’s simple: we want to be your go-to bubble slide guides that ensure you get the best pair that suits your vibe. We’ve tested and reviewed many pairs for one and a half years. Why settle for mediocrity when you can effortlessly slide into bubbly comfort? Don’t waste money on average options with low EVA Foam quality!

Our Story:

Meet David Carter and Carissa Begonia, the dynamic duo behind your reviews. We are not your average reviewers; we live, work, and even run errands in these bubble slides. You can say we put a part of our year and a half-experience with slides on the web for you. Here’s a closer look at our individual experiences:

David Carter - behind the Best Bubble slides

Introducing David Carter – Chief Executive:

Hey! I’m David, and let me tell you why I got into Bubble Slides. Now, these slides are for everyone, no matter your gender. Let’s be honest: some guys shy away because of the whole toxic masculinity thing. So, I started collecting these vibrant and playful choices to fight that narrative. They caught my eye not just for their style but because they’re a game-changer for foot comfort.

These slides are perfect for a husband running errands or chilling at home. I’m all about sharing practical insights, especially regarding comfy footwear. Why am I so passionate about this? Because I know the value of cushioned footwear.

In a world where we celebrate diversity and individual experiences, why not make a fashion statement while keeping it cozy?  So, I’m here to share my insights and ensure you experience style and comfort in every step.

Introducing Carissa Begonia – Senior Editor:

Where my Husband loves the bubble slides for fashion, I love them for their ability to reduce foot fatigue. I’m Clarrissa, and for me, it’s not only about looking good; it’s about feeling good. Now, my philosophy of style may be outdated, but it helps. My work involves long hours of quick standing, and these bubble slides have been a godsend.

However, finding the right pair wasn’t always a smooth ride. I’ve had my fair share of disappointments with some sketchy bubble slides. And they did a number on my feet. But here’s the thing–I didn’t give up, and that’s only because I found them cute and ugly at the same time

Carissa Begonia - Behind the Best Bubble slides

After some trial and error, I had my hands on a collection of bubble slides, thanks to my husband’s efforts. They had a unique style and were also a dream for comfort. This isn’t some dark web secret that I need to keep on the low. Plus, I’ve repeatedly been sharing my list of favorite bubble slides, which got me thinking–why not share it with everyone?

And that’s how this page came to life! Just my husband and I share a love for stylish and comfy bubble slides. Stick around, and we hope you find these footwear fabulous and foot-friendly like us! 

Why Do We Do It? 

To get to the point, we want you to get the best value out of your money. We understand the importance of saving you from the hassle of subpar bubble slides. We’ve tested, walked, and slid in countless pairs to know what makes a bubble slide truly exceptional. 

From memory foam comfort to massaging feels and non-slip soles, we’ve checked out all the angles in the bubble slide to find what suits you best. So, let us make your journey comfortable, where every step is filled with Cushioned bubbles!

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