Bubble Slide Sizing Guide: Complete Guide & Tips

We love trendy bubble slides for their comfort and massage-like feels–But what if they are uncomfortable? That may be due to tight or loose bubble slides. Bubble slides tend to run small, similar to sandals, flip-flops, and other slide styles. 

Your flip-flop and slide size may differ if you wear a size 9 in regular shoes.

So, Do Bubble Slides Run Big Or Small? To stay on the safe side, consider going half an inch up from your heel-to-toe measurements for that easygoing feel. 

Plus, no one likes their heels hanging off the edge of bubble slides. That’s why we suggest sizing up for a snug yet comfortable fit, especially if you have wider feet.

Read further to determine which size of bubble slides is perfect for you. Check out our size chart and measure up. 

Also, look at the brand’s specific sizing guide, which can vary depending on where you shop. Whether trying them on or opting for a retailer with a solid return policy, securing the perfect fit is the goal for maximum comfort. Want to find out more about your bubble slide’s size? Let’s uncover the ideal non-slip fit for you! 

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How to Choose the Right Size for Bubble Slides?

When it comes to slides and shoe sizing, it’s widely known that they often follow different sizing standards. The design of Bubble slides, being more relaxed and open, can impact how they fit. 

These trendy golf ball slides have been taking over TikTok, and the right size will make or break your whole look.  

How to Choose the Right Size for Bubble Slides?

To make sure you get the right size, it’s a good idea to pay attention to the sizing recommendations from the brand. Or just measure your feet, check the size chart and under-given insights for the perfect fit: 

How to Measure For a Bubble Slide Slippers Fit?

Before you order a pair of Bubble Slides, get an accurate measurement of your feet. Take the time to measure your feet at home using a ruler or measuring tape before you make a purchase. Once you have your measurement, cross-reference it with the Bubble Slides size chart to pinpoint the best fit for you. 

How to Measure For a Bubble Slide Slippers Fit?

Follow these simple steps to ensure you’re on the right track:

  • Heel Against the Wall: Stand with your heel against a wall.
  • Mark Your Toe: Make a mark at the tip of your longest toe.
  • Measure the Distance: Find the distance between the heel and the marked toe.

Note! The Importance of Arch Support: Don’t overlook the role of your foot’s arch when determining the right size. To maximise comfort and support, ensure that your chosen Bubble Slides’ arch support aligns well with your foot’s natural arch. This small detail can make a big difference in your overall experience.

Sizing Tips and Considerations for Non-Slip Bubble Slides Shoe

Once you have your foot measurements, consider these tips and additional factors to make an informed decision.  Bubble Slides are made from flexible EVA material. However, the outsole doesn’t break into your feet. To achieve a slip-on style without any blisters, it’s crucial to get the right fit.

Sizing Tips and Considerations for Non-Slip Bubble Slides Shoe

Here are some Sizing considerations for bubble slides: 

In-Between Footwear Sizes Dilemma

Caught in the middle on the size chart? No stress. Just go for the larger size. Finding your foot measurements between two sizes on the chart is common.  Bubble Slides are stylish, breathable and cosy, so you can wear them with or without socks. Sizing up ensures that your Bubble Slides won’t be too tight, providing better comfort, especially if worn with socks or for extended periods.

Try Before You Buy for a comfy slipper 

Here’s a golden rule: try before you buy. Whenever possible, slide your feet into Bubble Slides in-store. This hands-on approach lets you feel the vibe, assessing the fit and comfort. We know not everyone can do it in today’s digital world, but do not skip this tip if you can. 

Consider Your Foot Width

Acknowledging the importance of foot width is a key aspect of sizing considerations. Bubble Slides cater to a spectrum of foot widths, ranging from narrow to regular and wide. You get a comfortable fit for your unique foot shape by factoring in your foot width.

Personal Fit Preferences

Beyond all the technical stuff about measurements and sizes, the main aim here is to make sure you feel comfy. Think about how you like your slides to fit—whether you’re into a snug fit or you like a bit of extra room. Making comfort a priority means your Bubble Slides won’t just be the right size but also feel just right for your preferences and style. 

Bubble Slides Sizing Chart: Indoor And Outdoor Slippers 

Let’s not forget the sizing chart. Original Bubble Slides cater to everyone—men, women, and kids. Remember, men’s sizes usually run larger, and children’s sizes are on the smaller side. 

The width of the shoe can also vary, so don’t forget to peek at the sizing chart tailored to your gender and age group.

Bubble Slides Sizing Chart: Indoor And Outdoor Slippers 

These bubble slide sizing charts are standard feet measurements–We suggest going either half a size up or a full size up for comfort. This is particularly important if you are at the upper end of a size range. 

Measure your feet, tick off the size and go half-size up for the bubble slide’s anti-slip fit. 

Men’s Bubble Slide Sizing Chart 

US SizeEuro SizeUK SizeHeel to toes (cm)
7–7.540–41724.4 – 24.8
8–8.541–427.5–825.4 – 25.7
10–10.543– 449.5–1027– 27.3 
11–11.544 – 4510.5–1127.9 – 28.3
12–12.5 45–4611.5–1228.6

Women’s Bubble Slide Sizing Chart 

US SizeEuro SizeUK SizeHeel to toes (cm)

Bubble Slides For Kids Sizing Chart (7 to 12 years) 

US Toddler SizeEuro SizeUK SizeHeel to toes (cm)

Final words

Let’s sum up this fun simply: Bubble Slides are not true to shoe sizes. They might feel a bit snug–Just add half an inch for the right size of bubble slides for your feet. Get the right size and wear them on the beach or indoors; their EVA foam is breathable in all settings! 

Measurements and sizing charts can be confusing, but here’s the trick: When in doubt, pick the larger size. Try them in-store so you feel like you’re walking on clouds. Do not blindly get bubble slides; the right size of bubble slides makes all the difference!


Selecting a half or full-size up when purchasing Bubble Slides for an optimal fit is advisable.

Experts agree that Bubble Slide slippers provide comfort and cushioning. The sole’s bubble design effectively distributes pressure, reducing foot fatigue. While suitable for indoor and outdoor use, individuals with specific foot conditions may face arch support and stability challenges.

We recommend measuring your foot length and referring to our size charts above to find the perfect fit. In the case of half sizes, opting for the larger size is advisable.

Yes, Bubble Slides are waterproof and easy to clean.

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