How to Put Charms on Bubble Slides? Customise Jibbitz for Slides

Bubble slides have become a trendy footwear choice for their comfort and versatility. But why settle for the ordinary when you can make them unique and personalized? Adding charms is a great solution to express your style. 

Regular Bubble Slides cost around $10, but with charms, they cost up to $26 to $30. However, buying bubble slides with charms isn’t a wise move, as those charms might go rogue and turn black on you if you overuse slides. 

So, here’s the deal–Just DIY it. 

Sand the bubble slide, pick your charm, slap on some glue, press it down with your thumb for 30 seconds, and that’s it. 

How to Put Charms on Bubble Slides? Customise Jibbitz for Slides

In this guide, we’ll walk through the steps to customize your bubble slides with charms professionally, from choosing the right charms to securely attaching them for a new look. Whether you prefer rhinestones or silicone emojis, we’ve got you covered.

Easy ways to customize your bubble slide with Charms

Selecting charms for a Pair of bubble slides

Picking the right charms for your Pair of bubble slides is a big deal—it’s what gives them that special touch. There are many charms out there, and you can find them on places like Amazon, Etsy, and Shein. You need to consider two things when you’re looking to customize a pair of bubble slides with Croc charms or other charms:

Easy ways to customize your bubble slide with Charms

Understanding Material Mix of Charms:

Firstly, let’s talk about the stuff charms are made of:

Metal Charms: 

Why choose this? These are tough and stylish, giving your bubble slides an edge. You can pick from different shapes and sizes to match your style. 

How to put them? Use jewelry and metal glue for a secure bond with bubble slides.

Silicone Charms: 

Why choose this? If you like a fun and lightweight vibe, go for silicone charms. They add a playful and modern touch to your bubble slide.

How to put them? Consider using a reliable adhesive like E6000 Glue for silicone charms.


Why choose this? Want some sparkle? Rhinestones are your go-to. They come in all sorts of colors and shapes, adding a touch of glamour to your bubble slides.

How to put them? Mixed media adhesive can be effective for securing rhinestones.

Leather Charms: 

Why choose this? For a natural and rustic feel, choose leather charms. They’re perfect if you’re into a bohemian or earthy style.

How to put them? Ensure a strong bond with Maxi Cure Glue for leather charms.


Why choose this? Dainty or bold chains add movement and dimension to your bubble slide.

How to put them? Use jewelry, metal glue, and a wax pen to place chain charms precisely.

Bubble Slides Size Matters:

  • Fit and Proportion: Make sure the charms you pick are the right size for your bubble slides. You don’t want them too small or too big, and not so many that they make your slides uncomfortable.
  • Adjustability: Go for charms that are easily attached and can be adjusted. This way, customizing your bubble slides is simple. 

So, when you’re on the charm shopping spree, think about the look you want and how comfy you want your bubble slides to be. Whether you’re going for tough metal, playful silicone, or classy chains, make sure your charms match your style and keep your slides feeling just right. Also, Check the How To Clean Bubble Slides.

How to attach charms securely on bubble slides?

Following these step-by-step instructions, you can confidently attach charms to your bubble slides. Follow this guide to creating personalized and customized bubble slides:

How to attach charms securely on bubble slides?

What You’ll Need:

Steps To Follow:

  • Step 1: Prepare the Surface: Use a sand sponge to lightly sand the surface of the bubble slides where you plan to attach the charms.
  • Step 2: Select Your Charms: Choose from various charm options, such as metal charms, silicone charms, rhinestones, leather, and chains. 
  • Step 3: Prepare the Charms: Because Croc charms are tiny, they might not fit perfectly into bubble slide holes. So, to make it easier to attach them, just remove the back button-like part of the Croc charms before sticking them onto the bubble slides.
  • Step 4: Choose the Right Glue: Depending on the material of the charm, choose the appropriate glue, such as jewelry and metal glue, Maxi Cure Glue, or E6000 Glue.
  • Step 5: Apply Adhesive: Use Mixed Media Adhesive to stick the charms to the back of the selected charm.
  • Step 6(Optional): Use Wax Pen for Precision: If You’re putting rhinestones, Utilize a wax pen for accurate and controlled placement of charms on the bubble slide.
  • Step 7: Attach Charms: Use your thumb to push the charms onto the surface firmly. Keep pushing for 30 seconds. 
  • Step 8: Inspect and Adjust: After attaching the charms, inspect the arrangement. Make any necessary adjustments for a secure and aesthetically pleasing result.
Customise Jibbitz For Slides

Popular bubble slide charm ideas

Don’t have any ideas on how to customize your Bubble slides with charms? Let us help you out! You can also go to Pinterest to get inspiration as well.

Or simply type any of these terms in Pinterest to easily get bubble slide charm ideas. Think of them as bracelets, necklaces, or even your trusty keychain, and let’s get into it:

Popular bubble slide charm ideas 1
  • Birthstone Charm Ideas: Birthstones are not just for your jewelry box; you can put them on Bubble Slides. You can go solo or mix and match birthstones to represent your family. It’s like wearing your identity on your feet.
  • Quotes and Logos: Who doesn’t love a good quote? Slap on a charm with your favorite saying. Or place Brand logos like Chanel or Louis Vuitton for an extra luxurious look.  
  • Nature-inspired Designs: Nature charms come in all sorts of designs–flowers, leaves, butterflies, animals, you name it. It’s like having a pocket-sized garden on your bubble slides.
  • Starry Aesthetic: If you’re into stars, moons, and all things cosmic, this one’s for you. Add rhinestones on the “Bubble section” of the bubble and fill it up for a starry look. Make things sparkle by arranging rhinestones in a cool pattern.
  • Focus them in one area, like the toe part, for a touch of class.
  • Pet Love: Try out Charms with cute paw prints, cats, or dogs. It’s like wearing a tiny tribute to your pet, they’re Adorable and affordable. Also, Try a theme like emojis or symbols that show off your interests. Also, read the Why Are Bubble Slides So Famous?

Final words

That’s all! Customizing your bubble slides with charms is a fun and creative way to make a fashion statement.

By following these step-by-step instructions and considering the charm ideas mentioned, you can confidently personalize your bubble slides for a unique and stylish look. So, express yourself and step out in footwear that truly reflects your personality!


Yes, Croc charms can be used on bubble slides, but it’s recommended to remove the back button-like part for easier attachment.

Bubble slides are generally described as very comfortable but stiff. At first, they might lean towards a hard feel but provide a good massage for feet.

Bubble slides can be worn with or without socks. However, they are versatile and suitable for various activities, including sports, with ventilation holes that allow for DIY designs and accessories to add color to the shoes.

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